Automate - Just let it happen!

Here you can see some ot the areas in which we at Automate Sörmland AB can help you tune your IT environment according to best pracices.


  • Ansible Tower
      Install and configure Ansible Tower including dynamic inventories against Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Virtualization as well as public cloud prividers and other virtualization platforms.

  • Virtualization

  • Red Hat Virtualization, RHV 4
      Install and configure Red Hat Virtualization with or without LDAP authentication.

  • Deployment

  • Red Hat Satellite 6
      Install and configure Red Hat Satellite 6 with kickstart deployments against Red Hat Virtualization and other virtualization platforms like vmware and AWS.

  • Security

  • OpenSCAP
      Use OpenSCAP to Scan systems for compliance with PCI-DSS or other security profiles. Remediation scripts or playbooks can be automatically generated and/or applied.
  • SE Linux
      Configure SELinux users and domains to allow confined services to work with non-standard settings.

  • Containers and Cloud

  • AWS
      Extend your onprem environment to AWS or other public clouds to handle increased load while waiting for your new hardware.